Tyra (Timyra-Joi’s mom)

My daughter Timyra-Joi walked into Becky’s studio at 9 years old already with a big voice Becky taught her so many things that were not taught in her previous vocal lessons. Within a year Timyra-Joi was in the studio recording original music that she and Becky wrote in their songwriting sessions. With Beckys help at age 10 Timyra-Joi was able to win a VH1 songwriter of the month award! Becky is very thorough in what she does and she has a heart of gold. You have not had vocal training until you have had it with Becky” - Timyra-Joi was on season 5 of “The Voice” and is a lead in the hit Vegas show “BAZ”)
— Tyra (Timyra-Joi’s mom)