Music Creation

Have you written a song and have no idea what to do next?

Have you priced out studios and musicians and found the process and the cost to be overwhelming?

Are you looking for someone who "gets you" and wants to be your creative partner?


Let me be your creative partner!


My favorite thing is to elevate YOUR music to that place you always dreamed it could be! 


Let's get started! Fill out this project description form and tell me more about you:


If you are looking for more simple audio solutions, such as:

  • You need a simple piano/vocal demo of your song

  • You have pre recorded tracks that need mixing.

  • You can record in your own home studio but need mixing and/or additional production.

  • You need backing vocals added to a finished track.

  • You need additional production (such as strings, synthesizers, pianos) to a finished track.

  • You need a track of your favorite song made as close to the original as possible

Hourly rate $60/hr

Wanna see what the creative process looks like? Click here


Music Samples

If you want to hear the original music and production of Becky Willard, visit her music page at


  • Maddie Wilson

  • Madilyn Paige

  • Nadia Khristyne

  • Shadow Mountain Records

  • Colby Ferrin

  • Monica Moore Smith

  • Stuart Edge

  • The Ohana Adventure

  • Madysyn Rose

  • Calee Reed

  • Peter Hollens

  • Melea Johnson

  • Evynne Hollens

  • Yahosh

  • Suzanne Hodson

  • Tiffany Alvord

  • Ashlund Jade

  • BYU A Cappella Club

  • The Piano Gal

  • Garth Smith

  • Kyle Thorn

  • Darien Weller

  • Timyra-Joi

  • Paulina Cameron

  • Mykel

  • Jade Dansie (The Alive Movement)

  • Vocal Downloads

  • My Salon Doll