Music Musings - Old

I just turned 46 the other day. Wha???? There’s something about looking down the barrel at 50 that gets you thinking about things differently. My sweet husband then reminds me that I could live another 40 more years. Honestly, I’m not sure how I feel about that! It’s been a bumpy 46 years indeed. If I do have another 40-ish years ahead of me, I’d really like them to be a bit smoother, please.

This birthday did have me thinking about the dialogue that I used to have in my head up until just recently. I kept telling myself that maybe people thought I was too old to be a good music producer. A dialogue I still have to talk myself down from once in awhile. Which got me thinking about the misconceptions so many people have about age in the music business. I remember having a conversation with a 16 year old girl once who was literally panicking because she was getting “too old” to make it in the music business. For some reason, she had it in her head that if she wanted to be a pop star it had to happen before her 18th birthday. She was used to seeing and hearing people say “She’s only 15 years old!” about  Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, JoJo, etc. As if their youth was the only reason why they were special. And perhaps it was. I hope now she can see things differently.

Are you one of those who has put an age limit on your success in music? If so, think for just a minute where that came from. Think of what you want to be in music and ask yourself if your age has anything to do with whether or not you can be successful? You might argue that no one wants to watch 60 year old guys rock out on stage. I went to a Rolling Stones concert about 6 years ago and I think the guys their 70’s. The stadium was overflowing. Maybe no one wants to watch 60 year old guys play like they are 60 year old guys. Maybe it’s not your age but failing to push yourself to be better, to entertain, to write better songs, to play new music, etc., etc., etc.

Chances are, your age really ain’t nothin but a number. Change that conversation you keep having with yourself that uses age as an excuse. The internet is the great equalizer. If you are making great music, there is a chance you can find success whether you are 20 or 70.

That’s all for my Musical Musings today. Come back next week for the Artist Tip of the month, all about writing melody and lyrics to an already existing track!