Special Announcement!

Well folks, it’s been ages since I put up a blog but that is all about to change. After working in the music industry for over 20 years, I’ve decided that it is now my responsibility to share the knowledge I’ve attained with the masses! **shouts of joy**

To be honest, I love teaching. I love recording. I love mixing. I love producing music. But there’s another thing I love. It is ADVISING people. The opportunity to do so comes around once in a while when parents ask to sit down with me and “pick my brains” or I have a moment with a student to teach them something not traditionally taught in a voice lesson. So, I’m going to put my advice out there on a regular basis. Please subscribe to this blog as well as my YouTube channel to make sure you have access to my “words of wisdom”;-)

Blogger: https://www.blogger.com/profile/03284232530905117227

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCjFB1ndPcyfjRY-LKXqyx5Q

Here’s what you can expect to see:

Every Tuesday Post:

1.       State-of the-Studio – Blog

All you need to know about audition opportunities, talent shows or competitions locally and abroad

More than you want to know about artists and bands that I work with including No Limits, Maddie Wilson, Kyle Thorn and many others!

Information about events such as recitals, workshops and group classes

2.       Songwriting Tips – Vlog

Each Vlog will focus on songwriting basics such as;

Getting out of a melodic rut

Getting past writers block; writing from a title, writing from a chord progression, writing with a full musical bed/beat

Music theory basics

What you need to know about Music Publishing

…And much more!

3.       Producer Lingidy-Ling – Vlog

One of the most shocking experiences an aspiring artist will have in the early stages of their career is meeting with a producer and being expected to “verbalize” what they want in their songs. This Vlog will cover topics such as;

What is “music production”?

Finding a “sound pallet” that fits with your brand

Four basic components of all commercially produced music

Creating backing vocal parts

Basic processing you want to hear on your vocals

What makes a good mix?

How to use pitch correction/auto-tune wisely

…And much more!

4.       Cover of the Month Work Tape – Vlog

This Vlog will take you through the process of creating a cool cover, including;

Finding the chord progression

Changing the chord progression (and should you?)

Mashing songs together (what works, what doesn’t)

Reinventing a song rather than just “covering” a song

…And much more!

Twice a Month – Music Review Friday:

Two Fridays a month I will review an independent Band/Artists recorded effort. Send links to voxfox2@gmail.com to be considered for review. Here’s what you will be reviewed on:

1.       Song structure; lyrics, melody, length, etc.

2.       Audio quality; mix, recording, editing, mastering, etc.

3.       Production; creativity, overall sense of story, brand, performances, etc.

4.       Visual/aural brand appeal of marketing and presentation

5.       “Can’t put my finger on it” suckiness or “Can’t put my finger on it” awesomeness rating

So, that's it folks. Love you all!