Why you'll wanna read "another" music blog.

I turned 45 last month. Arriving at such a milestone compels one to reflect. I'm a reflector anyway, but, becoming officially "middle-aged" (assuming I'm going to live to be 90. Ugh.) has my hand hovering over the panic button. So far, I've spent more than half of my life "in" the music industry. Officially, you could say it started when I gave my first voice lesson as a 20 year old sophomore in college (without a single clue as to what I was doing). But really it started much earlier. The first time I fell in love with the sound of audio (not just a song, but the beautiful sound of well recorded acoustic guitar swimming in a touch of warm reverb) I was only 10 years old. I mean, body chills, tears in eyes from just the beauty of the SOUND. At ten years old!! What is wrong with me? About this time I began writing little pop songs, multi-tracking my voice (pre-iphone app and home computer era, mind you) with two cassette recorders, showing my well-meaning father said songs and being told, "The songs just aren't right!" Tail between legs. Cry in room. No hard feelings, dad. To be honest, he's the one who has inspired me to work hard, achieve what I set my mind to and instilled in me passionate entrepreneurialism...is that a word? So, thanks dad! Anyway, I digress.

I've learned a few things about this industry over the years. And I've always tried to generously share what I've learned with artists that I work with, perhaps because I remember all too well that head-spinning feeling while trying to navigate through it all. As the milestone birthday came and went, the thought occurred to me that it's time I start sharing what I know with everyone. My "wisdom", or so it's been called, has always been one of those little perks that artists get when they work with me. So why not openly share what I know on the public forum? Maybe you'll be more inclined to trust this middle-aged music producer if you know that I know my shiz. Did I just say that out loud? Find out my thoughts on;

  • What artists need to stop doing in order to find success
  • Tricks for adding emotion to your vocals in the studio
  • Why doing covers is not only "ok" but a good idea
  • What to listen for when you are asked to give feedback on your "final mix" (and what does that even mean??)

In addition to these topics and more, I'll be reviewing band and artists once in a while! If you'd like me to write up a review of your album or single, send me links to your music and...ask nicely. ;-)

So, I hope you'll follow me, share posts that you find informative and help me spread the love. Cause I love you.