Are you thinking about hitting the studio to record your original material? How about creating unique covers to post on YouTube? Talk to me first!

Jumping into a studio without a plan can be very costly. Let me help you design an individual plan based on your desired goals, your strengths and talents, and your financial situation. Contact me for a free consultation!

What is a Vocal Producer?

A Vocal Producer is the one person in YOUR corner on your recording project! My reputation relies on how good you sound. I do whatever I can to make your vocals sound the best they possibly can.

Have your own recording equipment? You don't need to spend thousands of dollars on the best equipment to record good quality, clean vocals. Let me help you set up your own vocal recording space. Then you can record in the comfort of your own home, send the vocal files to me to do all the technical mixing, editing and processing. You'll be amazed at how professional your vocals will sound!

What is included in Vocal Production?

  • Voice Lessons 
  • Fine tuning of melodies of your original songs so that they "fit" your voice
  • Developing a unique style
  • Designing vocal improvisations (riffs, runs, etc.)
  • All pre-production of your vocals, including practice recording sessions
  • Creating, arranging and performing (either you, me or both of us) backing vocals
  • Vocal coaching and assistance during the recording session (even if it's just a pep talk!)
  • Editing, pitch correcting and "comp-ing" lead and backing vocals 
  • Anything else I can do to make sure the vocals on your project sound killer


I charge anywhere between $300- $1500 per song. But it depends on the project. Contact me for a quote!


Visit the Featured Artists page to hear some samples of artists that I have worked with.