Do you feel stuck in your progression as a singer or as a songwriter or both?

Have you "outgrown" your vocal coach now that you have good, solid technique but still need artistic direction?

Are you trying to figure out how to navigate the music business?

Are you interested in learning how to produce your own music?


Let me be your coach! 


1. Voice and Songwriting Coaching Sessions

Develop solid vocal technique while writing your own music:     

$60/hr  |  $50/45 min  |  $45/30 min


2. Voice Lessons

Technique, performance, breathing, placement, style

$60/hr  |   $50/45 min  |  $45/30 min


3. Music Production and Mixing lessons

We will work on your own music together as you'll learn all about producing, recording and mixing


4. Skype or Facebook Messenger Coaching Session

Need some advice? Need feedback on your music? Just need to ask some music biz related questions? Let’s chat! Book your 1 hour coaching session below: